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Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

The M.Div. degree, the most widely recognized and accepted degree for ministry professionals, is designed to prepare students for ordained and other forms of ministry in The Presbyterian Church of Canada, as well as other denominations. Through this degree students gain knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith, and gain the ability to interpret the Gospel to the contemporary world; students are expected to grow in personal faith as well as develop professional skills and competencies for effective pastoral and professional Christian ministry. 

The M. Div. program is open to students with a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent (see admission requirements below). Students enroll in the either the B.Th or the S.T.M. degree program of the Faculty of Religious Studies and the M.Div programe of Presbyterian College concurrently. The first two years of study take place within the context of the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill and Presbyterian College, where students will focus on the academic disciplines of Biblical Studies, Church History, Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion, and ethics. (put link in here for courses) In addition, students are introduced to the disciplines of pastoral theology and to personal, professional and spiritual formation for ministry.

The final year of study for the M.Div. degree focuses on pastoral theology and the practice of ministry. The “In–Ministry Year” program is run conjointly with our ecumenical partners at Montreal Diocesan Theological College (Anglican) and United Theological College and is distinct in Canada in that it is a sustained, year-long field-based curriculum which employs an action-reflection model of teaching/learning. Students are placed in a ministry setting for the duration of the academic year, under close and competent supervision and theological reflection on the practice of ministry. Students participate in classes every second week where in addition to study of the disciplines of pastoral theology, students engage in critical reflection of the intersection of ministry, culture and theology of ministry. In the alternate weeks students are full-time in their field placement

The M.Div degree can be completed in three years of full time study. UCC candidates for ordained ministry will also complete an 8 month internship, bringing the total to four years.

The M.Div. is awarded by the College in conjunction with the Montreal Diocesan Theological College and the United Theological College, under the authority of the Montreal School of Theology, and is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.5 is required to graduate with the Master of Divinity degree.


The normal requirement for admission to the M. Div. program is a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university, preferably a B.A., with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 (65%), although special arrangements can be made for older candidates [link to McGill older student regulations)

You may download a copy of the College application form by clicking here (Adobe Acrobat Reader required), or it may be obtained through the College office. Students entering the B.Th./M.Div. program must apply also to McGill’s Faculty of Religious Studies by completing the on-line application form. The application must be accompanied by official transcript(s) of post-secondary program(s) in which you have been enrolled, and two letters of reference. At least one letter should be from a person who can evaluate your academic ability. If possible you should arrange an interview with the Principal of the College. In that case the College will facilitate a visit to Montreal.


Master of Divinity – with Specialization in Congregational Renewal & New Church Development

This is a new course being developed at Presbyterian College. The goal of the program is to help develop future ministers who may feel called to congregational renewal or starting new faith communities. Students complete the basic Master of Divinity degree with an additional six months of study in either congregational renewal or new church development.

The additional six months are made up of two three-month placements (May-July) in either a new church development or in a congregation working through renewal. In addition to the placement students are required to do additional reading, participate in classes/workshops specific to the type of placement, journal and provide a written summary of their learning at the end of each summer. In this way, students become both learners and teachers as they share their learning experiences with others.

Students are paid the summer rate as specified by The Presbyterian Church in Canada which, for 2013, is set at $405 or $305 plus housing per week (the choice to be made by the congregation) and travel to be paid as applicable. In some cases, Canada Ministries provides an additional $5,000 provided to the congregation at the end of the summer for the student to put toward their tuition and other costs for the coming year.

Students are expected to take the month of August off for a holiday (while still being paid the stipend rate) so that they have time to rest for the start of September classes. Students should expect that this additional work will most likely be outside of Montreal. A special application form is required to enlist in this program.

Students must commit to two summers of work to have the specialization noted on their transcripts. On the application form please complete the additional information required for this program.



M.Div. Year 1 (B. Th. Yr. 2)

Biblical Studies

Lit. of Ancient Israel 1 (RELG 302)
Lit of Ancient Israel 2 (RELG 303)
New Testament 1 (RELG 311)
New Testament 2 (RELG 312)

Church History

Church in History 1 (RELG 322)
Church in History 2 (RELG 323)

Theology and Ethics

Principles of Christian Theology II (RELG 434)
Intro to Philosophy of Religion (RELG 341)

Religion and Ethics

Religious Behaviour (RELG 361)

Elective Studies

Elective (RELG xxx)


M.Div. Year 2 (B.Th. Year 3) 

Biblical Studies

Old Testament Elective (RELG xxx)
New Testament Elective (RELG xxx)

Church History

Canadian Church History (RELG 420)
Christianity in Global Perspective (RELG 479)

Theology and Ethics

Principles of Christian Theology I (RELG 333)
Theological Ethics (RELG 470)
Theology Elective (RELG xxx)

Religion and Culture

Interfaith Studies Elective (RELG xxx)

Elective Studies

Elective (RELG xxx)
Elective (RELG xxx)
Elective (RELG xxx)


Successful completion of all courses in M.Div. I and II results in the award of the B.Th. degree from McGill University. 

M.Div. Year 3 (MST In Ministry Year) 

Pastoral Theology

Theology of Ministry (MST 501)*
Principles of Worship (MST 521)*
Foundations of Preaching (MST 531)*
Mission/Church in Context (MST 561)*

Practice of Ministry

Supervised Field Placement (MST 500)
Pastoral Care and Counselling (MST 511)*
Preaching Tutorial (MST 532)*
Educational Ministry (MST 541)*
Congregational Leadership (MST 562)*

Denominational Studies

Presbyterian Church Worship (PC 522)
Presbyterian Church Polity (PC 571)
Presbyterian History (PC 581)

Presbyterian Church, Ministry and Sacraments (PC XXX)

Reformed Confessions (PC XXX)

Global Exposure

Global Exposure Trip – Cuba (MST 390)

* Courses with an asterisk are shared by students of all three theological colleges.

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